Are You Tired Of Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles? Try Word Games Online!

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One Of The Free Online Word Games Just Recently Released, Is The Hidden Game

The greatest benefit to this word game is that you can improve your word power through synonyms by testing your vocabulary skills.

Using Clues

A Letter Clue is given to you with the first letter of the word revealed and a similar Word Clue to do with a concept that the word to be found, is related to.  You have to now guess what that word is.

This is quite challenging as your train of thought may travel on a different tangent to the one they are referring to, thus the name Hidden!  From here the game becomes interesting as you have 30 FREE clues allocated to you and you can use them as and when you need them.  Use them sparingly.

Using Synonyms

The best solution at this point in time is to use the Synonyms Website, perhaps use this link for Synonyms Synonyms

The site may look something similar to this, make sure you click on the down arrow to select Synonyms before you enter the word.

Type in the Word Clue given to you that is related to the word you need to find and then click on the magnifying search icon, or simply press the Enter Key on the keyboard.

Hidden Game Synonyms Website



A list of words will populate the website and there will be antonyms as well (the opposite of the words you are looking for) you don’t want to look for those in the list, so skip that when you get to it and scroll down further down to see the synonyms that start with the Letter Clue given. 

Hidden Game More Synonyms



Make sure they are the same word length in letters as dashes given in the Word Clue.

Hidden Game Word Length


Using Best Word List

Another possibility if you find yourself in a pickle not knowing the word, you can use Best Word List this will help you find the word you are looking for!

You can stipulate what the word starts with and how many letters it has.  You could also try to add that you are looking for a synonym.

So it will look something like this:

What is a synonym for the word vigor starting with ex and has 10 letters?

Just play around with this and you’ll find your way around as you go.  Results by process of elimination work best here.


Guessing The Word

Once you think you have found the word they want you to enter, you can then click on the Orange Guess Button as seen in the image below.

Hidden Game Orange Guess Button


Type In Word To Be Guessed

Now you need to type in the word that you believe the clue relates to and make sure it’s the same length as the dashes given.  See image below.

Hidden Game Type In Word

Once you are happy with your letters typed in, then click on the Green Guess Button.

If you are correct, it will display Correct and let you know if you’ve outfoxed the foxes and won any prizes.

Hidden Game Correct And Prizes


If you are Incorrect, it will display an Oooops! Message and deduct points from your current accumulated score.

Hidden Game Incorrect Message





In this case, all you do is try again.  You can either do this by searching for another word, or click on the Blue Random Clue Button to receive another clue.  If you are impatient, you can always use 2 Clues to reveal another letter with a click on the Light Green Button.

Hidden Game Blue Clue Green Reveal Letter Buttons


Keep Playing For A Streak Of 10 Games Won

The aim of the game is to play as many games as you can without running out of clues.  If you can get up to 10 Games without losing, you will receive more and more prizes.

Hidden Game Orange Array Badge Hidden Game Red Fox
Hidden Game Den Master Badge Hidden Game Silver Fox

Try to get all the pictures of foxes as seen in the image below,  to earn more and more prizes.

Pictures Of Foxes

Orange, Red, Silver and White Foxes give better and better prizes if sighted.


End Game

Once you have used up all your clues, you can then end the game.  To do this you click on the Red End Game button.

Hidden Game End Game Over

You will then be given a summary of all prizes won and you can start another round of Hidden.


Earning With The Hidden Game

Give it your best shot and rank amongst the top players who’ve outfoxed the fox in the box!

You also have the opportunity to win a prized Hidden Game T-Shirt if you are in the Top 10 Players for the month.

As your prizes accumulate, you may redeem the Rewardicals for various different options including Bitcoin, US Dollars, or points for other platforms.

Whichever way you win, it’s a win-win situation.

Leave your comments below on how you enjoyed playing the Hidden Game and if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them!



  1. AvatarJag Randa says:

    I love word games and this seems like a game I would enjoy, on top earning something for my time to play the game would be great. At least here it would real money, beats playing monopoly. It does seem like almost a guessing game, but I guess that is the purpose of the hidden game. 

    I will have a go at it right now, seems fun. Maybe even better than downloading word apps on my phone. Might as well earn something out of it. 

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Thank you Jag for stopping buy to find out about the Hidden Game.  I trust you have tried it out and won some prize points and rewardicals.

      Let us know how it worked for you and your feedback would be much appreciated.

      Learn To Earn Admin

  2. AvatarSanele Machai says:

    Playing online puzzles it’s a good idea but later down the road It’s so annoying if you play game for free, I think it will be nice if we play it for cash. This jigsaw puzzle if I may ask: “Is it rewarding or do I have to pay if I play it online?” How much can I earn? Well, it would be great if it is pay $0.05 per minutes.

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Hi Sanele

      Your questions are most valid and here are the answers:

      1/  Do I have to pay if I play it online?

      No you don’t have to pay to play it online. It’s free with a limit of 30 clues.

      2/  How much can I earn?

      If you keep playing on a regular basis, your Rewardicals will increase and these can be traded for Bitcoin or US Dollars.

      Once you click on the link to access the site, you can read the rules and find out more about Rewardicals there.

      Hope this answers your questions, let me know if you need further assistance with this.

      Learn To Earn  Admin

  3. AvatarStephen says:

    Wow, this really fantastic friend,

    I personally like to exercise my brain and often I want to challenge my brain to see how far it can get to when it comes to learning and exploring new things. But I think this particular online word game will be very good match for my children very well. They like to learn on the internet so well. Especially when it comes to using games in exercising and improving  their cognitive level.

    I really like the features of this hidden game, even though i have not played it before. So, I’m going to check it now from the link you provided in this review, I know the experience is going to be very exciting. I will also recommend it to my children since it will help them the most. Thanks so much for sharing this useful information with us.


    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      You are most welcome Stephen!  I believe we should improve any skills at any given moment in time and seize the moment of the day!

      What’s great about this offer is that it is free and if you follow the guidelines given, you will go far!

      Thank you for stopping by to enrich yours and your children’s word power.

  4. AvatarSamBosman says:

    Hi there,I was looking for an online jigsaw puzzle with a twist.I just tried triple clicks and I love it.Thank you for the excellent review and tips.I can not express how much this will also help my little cousins to actually learn new word in english the fun way.

    Thanks again

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      That’s great news Sam!  Glad you and your little cousins are able to learn new words in English the fun way.  Let me know if you need any further assistance.

      Learn To Earn


  5. AvatarMilla says:

    Wow,  it looks great,  love the graphics.  I love the word games and have quite a few on my mobile.  It’s a great way to improve your vocabulary, have fun and relax at the same time.  Not that I have a lot of time for this,  but at the end of the day,  I like to reward myself for a few minutes and this sounds like a great game .  I understand it is a desktop game, right?  I was trying to find it for Android and was not able to.  Regardless,  I am going to try it and thanks for posting.  

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Hi Milla

      It’s an online game directly. You have to be connected to the internet to play. Just click on the link on the Hidden Game text in the post above and it will take you directly to the game.

  6. AvatarStefan says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun this hidden game. I’m not English speaking so this can be a great tool to learn new words.

    We always play jump and run games but these can get boring with time and in terms of learning something they are really not qualified.

    You have made a lot of points there, I take the challenge 🙂

    I can also use Grammarly for word suggestions.

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Excellent idea Stefan!  gammarly could also work.  Let me know how you progress.

  7. AvatarGeeEss says:

    Awesome man!

    I never knew you can also earn by playing these games! Thanks a lot for this! I like playing online puzzles and games but never thought I can earn too! Your tips to master the game will be of great help! 

    Can’t wait! Sorry for short feedback but I am in a hurry to try out your tips and tricks!


    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      I hope you do have fun trying out the game. Please come back and let us know how you experienced the game.

  8. AvatarMelissa says:

    This is so cool! Whilst I knew about games that pay money through various get paid to sites, I don’t really enjoy those types of games. I love puzzles and didn’t realise there was a way of earning at the same time. I’m definitely going to check this out!  Very cool. How do they make money? Is is through advertising? And do you know if they have a referral program? And is it free to sign up? Thanks so much.

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Hi Melissa!

      Thank you for stopping by to find out about The Hidden Game.

      They have auctions and each bid requires a TCredit which can be bought in greatly reduced bundles.

      Yes, they do have a referral program here is the link:

      Referral Program

  9. AvatarMartin Burt says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this online game. Although I knew that games played online are very popular I have never really had the time, but having seen this one I think I might just be giving it a try. These games are ideal to help you relax and keep your brain active. Especially as I get older lol 

    Thanks again for the insight I will definitely be giving this one a go.

  10. AvatarIsrael says:

    Thanks for the informative post! I’m particularly interested in the Hidden Game newly released because of the immense benefits it assigns to the users who would have loved to develop their vocabulary skills. I simply found this game an awesome and a favorite one for myself henceforth. This is so amazing.

    Kudos for including the capture of the tool that helps one to guess the word and know if one is correct or not! And it’s really interesting to know that one can even win prizes using the tool if the foxes are outfoxed. Thanks for the great work!

    Israel Olatunji

  11. AvatarStratos K says:

    I am a big gamer but even I need a change from time to time. In all honesty I had never tried a word game before but this one seems like an interesting one to try out. And you can gain money out of it too so why not? I will definitely save this as it really intrigued me and I am curious to see how I will do. Thanks for sharing.

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