How To Earn FREE Credits from Viral Traffic Games

It’s amazing what one can find when the pennies are few and the need to advertise is BIG!

What I’ve discovered is that even playing Viral Traffic Games can help you earn credits so you can continue your advertising campaign without using your hard earned income.

Let me show you how it’s done!

First you need to join a Traffic Exchange that promotes Viral Traffic Games, here are a few you can join:

Clicky Hits
Ark Hits
Legacy Hits
Speed Trap Hits
Trucking Traffic
Bitcoin Blizzard

1) Join anyone of these, or all them – the more you join, the more you can play, the more you can earn!

2) As you surf and view other websites in these Traffic Exchanges, you will come across the Viral Traffic Badge, which looks like this:


3) When you find one of these, you need to click on it quickly as it only appears for a few seconds on some TEs. Once you have clicked on it, it will open in a new page.

4) This is what it looks like:


To move your piece, click on any of the squares that are outlined in white. You may move more than one square at a time. Once you have clicked on the square of your choice, the following or similar message will appear confirming your winnings.


Once you have received confirmation of Credits or Banner Impressions or Text Ad Impressions won, close the window and return to your Traffic Exchange and continue surfing to find more!

Have any questions?

Send them below as quick as you can!


  1. AvatarDelroy Harris says:

    Wow is all I can say to this I never even knew something like this even existed this is great I am definitely going to have to investigate this further. Which out of the 4 would you recommend or would it be best to sign up to all of them
    Thank you again for teaching me something new

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Hi Delroy, you are welcome. The more Traffic Exchanges that you join, the more credits you will obtain. However, if you would only like to join one, I’d recommend ClickyHits as it loads quickly and you also have the opprtunity to talk to the owner in the chat.

      Looking forward to connecting with you again.

  2. AvatarMáté says:

    I never knew about something like this… Very cool! I learned a lot from this article and I think you did a good job. Maybe try to describe a little more rather than just give steps… It’ll make the article more appealing to the reader and give more sharing value.

  3. AvatarChris says:

    This sounds good. I am feeling lucky today by finding this information. I am game addict and this will certainly be a good way to both earn credits and enjoy my time.
    Thanks a lot! Looking forward on your posts something similar to this.
    By the way, is there a limit per day on how much I can earn? – Chris

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for your comments. I don’t believe there are any limits on how much you can earn. I’ve not seen that during my times of surfing Traffic Exchanges.

  4. AvatarChris says:

    I used to use Traffic exchanges but I have to admit I’m a bit of a lazy surfer. You know the ones – hit the go butto and skip to another tab until the timer has gone down.
    I can safely say I had no idea these things popped up and I have not encountered a game before.
    Guess I should of put a bit more effort into surfing!!!!
    Cheers for pointing this out – it was news to me!!!

  5. Avatarsurvival chick says:

    I stumbled upon this post by accident. I had no idea that this was even possible! Can you explain what the free credits can be used for, and how to use them?

    What is the traffic exchanger used for? I am a big gamer, well sometimes anyway, and this might be a fun way to kill a few minutes at work, just don’t tell my boss!

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      The Points are used to help promote your Text Ads, Banner Ads and Any Other Traffic Exchange Options you may have in these various Traffic Exchanges. It is a to stock up on Free Traffic Exchange Advert Credits without having to pay for them with cash.
      Hoping this helps you to understand better how to use them.
      Let me know if you need any further help.

  6. AvatarJustin says:

    This seems like a pretty interesting concept. I didn’t realize this type of thing existed. I will definitely have to look into this because it is always nice to get rewards for activities you will be doing already. Thanks for the information; time to go join some traffic exchanges and start earning credits!

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Thank you for visiting our site Justin! Glad you were able to find it useful! Traffic Exchanges can really be helpful if you want to get your site seen, but the best are the real traffic Traffic Exchanges, too many are automated and that just doesn’t get the attention of the readers.

      Let me know how you progress with your venture in Traffic Exchanges, and if you need any assistance, let me know, I’m eager to help wherever I can!

  7. AvatarSteve says:

    Playing games for traffic? Never heard of that. I do heard of traffic exchange though. I am gonna check that out soon when I have the time. Anyway, interesting post I must say since it is a new concept for me. Is there like any traffic limitation? Like gaining a limit number credit per day. Or do they assign you the game when it is available?


    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Hi Steve!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Glad you were able to find out about playing games for Traffic that will benefit you.

      As far as I’m aware, there is no limit. It’s as and when the Site Owner activates the games on their website. So keep a watchful eye out for when it pops up on the screen.

      Let me know if you need further help or would like to know how to create your OWN Site!



  8. AvatarTempest says:

    It’s crazy how something like this exists, almost seems too good to be true. I’ll certainly have to check these out. Thank you for including the links and showing certain options. Also, I love the way your page is set up. It’s not too busy, it’s very simplistic, and it makes it easier to focus on all of the quality information. Thank you so much.

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