Let’s Start Earning Online!

What is preventing you from moving forward and becoming a success online?


  • Fear of failure?

  • Afraid of the unknown?

  • Not enough skills to create your own website?

  • Tired of being scammed by various so called great opportunities?


So what DO you need to start?


Basically you need 3 things:GettingStarted
1/ Someone to Help You
2/ Your Own Website
3/ Ongoing Training

These are all provided for you through our training.

Let’s see what you get for $0 Starter Membership:


Here is what you are going to get when you sign-up for $0


• Personal Support Assistance and Help
○ Personal help from me (Username: TopAchiever)Notes
○ A community of 10,000’s of users who are willing to Help 24/7
○ Support through Live Chat
○ Topical Discussions that are Ongoing

• 2 Free Websites
○ WordPress Sites that are Fully Functional
○ Websites that are Ready To Make Money for you

• Abundant Training
○ Training done by Video and/or Text
○ Tutorials
○ Courses
○ Classrooms setup with different Categories

This unique concept of training and assistance is hard to find as it is provided with your best intentions in mind and wanting you to succeed at every turn. Make no mistake, it is hard work, the platform won’t DO the work FOR you, you have to do that yourself. Apply yourself and follow the training and you will succeed.

If you still want to know more about the opportunity, see my article here.

You’ve come to the right place!

I’m not going to give you a long-winded explanation, so we’ll jump right into earning online.


  • Teachable

  • Perseverance

  • PC/Laptop/Tablet/Cell Phone

  • Internet Connection

If you are willing to learn and have the required skills and items above, you are ready to begin!

So let’s begin! Click on the link here! Start earning online NOW!


  1. AvatarDavid Bishop says:

    This sounds good, but could you give me some more information. I really want to learn how to earn an income online. Thanks so much. And, by the way, what is your name?


    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Hi Bishop!

      Thanks for your comments and asking :-). My username is Top Achiever! So come join me and let’s learn together and I’ll teach you all about learning to earn an income online!

  2. AvatarFidel says:

    I can tell form your post that is is free to join.

    But i will like to find out for how long I will be enjoying the free service?

    Also I will like to know if there is any catch as to why it is free?

    And is there a one time payment or monthly payment request made after joining the program just like all other online marketing programs?

    lastly, what differentiates this online program from the others out there?

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      You will have 7 days to try the service for free so that you see if it’s something you’d like to pursue or not. There is no catch as this is a legitimate opportunity to make money online and if you don’t like it you haven’t been forced to pay money upfront that you won’t see again.
      So try it before you buy and if you like it you can invest in one of the best online opportunities there is online. The owners are always available to answer your questions and they interact in Live Chat and they answer your Private Messages in a timely fashion.
      What you need to understand is that it is an anti-spam platform so you cannot plaster your links all over your blogs and comments – you will forfeit your membership if you do so.
      However, having said that, the benefits are something to be reckoned with and will bring a tidy some of income each month. It is hard work to get to that point, but if you pursue this avenue with patience and determination, you will succeed.
      This is not a get rich quick opportunity, it may take anything from 6 months up to 3 years before you see a significant amount of income, but don’t give up, there is hope. Start your journey today!

  3. AvatarLesley says:

    You sure are right about it being hard work! Any legitimate business requires hard work to get it properly up and running and earning an income. At least if there are people to help along the way it does make it easier to keep on track and make progress.

    Is the training updated regularly? I hear so many things about ongoing changes with search engines like Google, it must be difficult for people to keep up.

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Thanks for your further interest in the training aspect Lesley. To answer your question, yes! The training is updated regularly on an on-going basis, and there is always something new added almost daily.

      Because we are a community of helpers, we all contribute to the success of providing up to date training, which makes it easier to keep up with the latest technology.

  4. AvatarLynne says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Are you saying anyone can do this even if they don’t have any experience online?
    Do I understand correctly that you can set up 2 websites and not pay anything. How does this all work? I’ve always been interested in making money online but all I have come across is get rich quick schemes and stupid things such as liking facebook pages….

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Anyone with a computer, a connection to the internet, a passion for learning and lot of patience qualifies in my opinion – to start making an online income. There are terms and conditions that need to be adhered to, but this is standard procedure.

      Yes, you are correct. You can set up 2 websites for free and not pay anything.

      It is the genius work of two successful business men who know how to Pay It Forward and they’ve created a wonderful platform where one is able to learn how to create their own website from scratch.

      So all you need to do is click on the link here and join today. Start creating your own website now!

  5. AvatarEdy says:

    Success is really about YOU and an excellent support. I personally wasn’t aware of online business. This is so profound which later I get stucked with numerous deceitful programs. Luckily Wealthy Affiliate saved me with its genuine trainings. I can’t imagine what my life would be now without to learn from successful members inside WA.

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Hi Edy, great to hear you are moving forward at Wealthy Affiliate!

  6. AvatarJohnCWS says:

    It’s very hard to get an online business up and running, but with the right tools and right teaching you can acquire great fortune. I might have to try this out and see what Wealthy Affiliate can do for me. Are they very “n00b” friendly? Are the courses in depth? Let me know and I might have to try them out.

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Yes John! Wealthy Affiliate are very newbie friendly as we pride ourselves in helping wherever we can to expedite the user’s online experience so that they are able to create their very own website to earn an income online.

      The courses are varied and definitely in-depth and cater from the beginner right up to the experienced person in that particular field of expertise.

      We will welcome you at anytime John and we trust that you will share your experience with your friends as well.

      Looking forward to connecting with you in the future – here’s a link to share with your friends! https://learntoearnincome.com/jov7

  7. AvatarAngel says:

    Dear Learn To Earn Admin,

    Wow! What a great way to start off your Blog Post by asking socially engaging questions for me. 🙂 Thanks for being so short, simple, and sweet on all main aspects of what the services are that WA provides. 🙂 It is simply the best place I can see myself spending my whole day in as opposed to other places. I love the community, the support, and help I obtained there. The training is phenomenal and if in doubt, I always feel confident to ask questions since I am reassured that I am being heard when someone answers me back. 🙂

    Wishing you all the very best with your online success and futuristic endeavors above and beyond the horizon,


  8. Avatarstefan says:

    Hi TopAchiever! It is an honor to visit your website! I agree with everything you said about Wealthy Affiliate.

    The community aspect of this great Platform makes it stand out from the rest of the programs. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the motivation and support from many people there, I would have given up.

    When you start in internet marketing, there is so much to learn, that if you try to get sparse information on the internet, it will be very hard to put all the pieces of this big puzzle together.

    With WA, you save precious time and get all the necessary training to become an authority in your niche!

    All the best and good luck with your website!


  9. AvatarGina says:

    Sounds interesting. I an recently unemployed and finding a full time job is a bit difficult because I have to care for my sick husband and take him to his doctors appointments during work hours. So I really need to work from home and make enough to support us. I am a motivated, self starter who is not afraid of working hard.

    How soon can you start making money utilizing Wealthy Affiliates?

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Hi Gina!

      Thanks for stopping by to comment.

      You can start earning money as soon as you have created a website that will bring in the traffic which in turn converts to people joining Wealthy Affiliate.

      The key is to create a website that people are wanting information about as they are looking for ways to earn a decent income online and have been scammed too many times.

      Wealthy Affiliate platform enables you to learn HOW to do this if you follow the training carefully and closely.

      If you are interested in learning how to build that successful website today, just click on this link and you can get started today!

      Looking forward to working with you Gina!

  10. AvatarBen says:

    This seems really great. Can you really get all of that for zero dollars? I mean, even if you have doubts about this, if you do not have to even give your credit card, it’s totally free, then what do you have to lose? You could only gain! Do you agree with me?

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Yes Ben!  I do agree with you entirely!  This is a Win-Win situation and one can only benefit greatly from it.  If you’d like to know more about this opportunity, please send me a reply and I’ll get back to you.

      Thanks for stopping by to connect with us!

  11. AvatarNorman says:

    wealthy affiliate has a great business model for starting and online line business, Making money through wealthy affilaite is made possible by the training that you receive I have been a part of this community for so time now and have seen the great result of this community. Thanks again for sharing, I am sure that you viewers will learn a lot from what you are offering and will be able to put this information to good use and start earning and income also, all the best to you.

  12. AvatarRalph says:

    This program looks very interesting. I have thought about starting an online business, but was worried about all the scams around. Never thought of myself as much of a writer, but think I would be more inclined to write if it was about something I was passionate about. I like how active the members are as well. Thanks for the info!

    1. AvatarLearnToEarn Admin says:

      Hi Ralph!

      Thank you so much for your compliments about the website.

      Writing is a very powerful tool and many can always benefit from whatever you write. I would encourage you to follow your passion and maybe even start a website helping others understand HOW to be a successful writer!

      If you’d like to start your own website, just click here and start for FREE!

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